Thank-you to the unkown flower

I am sitting at home, listening to the Keith Jarrett Koln Concert, and thinking where I want to take this blog to. I realize that I have been very practical about it, publishing and preparing many how to's to be published. Advertising my classes and other activities.

But there is more to it. There is this will to share an inside world, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, way of life. The inside world is rich, full of faith in the purpose of one's life, of hopes in one's contribution to a better world and a strong belief that one's honest contribution in every day's life make a positive change.

Working with ones hand is a joy, a miracle of creation, a profound satisfaction. I have recently returned to almost entirely working through my hand. Teaching them different new tricks, technics, playing with materials and flowing with their desire to create, to contribute to the esthetic and well being of this world.

Waking up in the morning with the sun that brings light to the beautiful trees, flowers, water, birds that are here around us, lending to us of their beauty so that our heart open's up and smile. This flower, in the picture above, just appeared in my garden last year. I have no Idea what is her name, she just came and contributed of all her beauty to us, her neigbours, full of endless generosity.

Thank-you to the unkown flower,

Thank-you to the sun that shines every morning in our hearts,

Thank-you for the endless creativiy that flows through us,

Thank-you for our everyday opportunity to believe in the righteousness of the univers.


stephanie harari

יוצרת, חולמת, וחוקרת. משחקת עם חומרים וטכניקות, בעלת דמיון ללא גבול. מלמדת ומשתפת בכל גילוי יצירתי. ובעיקר - נהנית.

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