How to Make a Paper Mache Pomegranate by Liat Binyamini

Liat Binyamini was my Paper Mache teacher for two years. I loved to go to her studio in Benyamina. Liat is a great teacher, she enables you to go through a profond creative journey. Her technical knowledge is immense and she shares it generously with you while you create with a lot of sensibility, understanding were you stand in your creative process and helping you just where and when you really need it. I owe Liat  my confidence in my creative abilities.  This is the most precious gift any teacher can give. Thank-you.

stephanie harari

יוצרת, חולמת, וחוקרת. משחקת עם חומרים וטכניקות, בעלת דמיון ללא גבול. מלמדת ומשתפת בכל גילוי יצירתי. ובעיקר - נהנית.

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